The Benefits of Hiring vs Buying a Suit

If you’re planning to attend a special occasion, such as a wedding or other formal event, you will need suitable clothing. For men, the go-to outfit is a smart suit, typically in black for the most formal of occasions. If you want to wear something that is top quality and very smart for the occasion, you can either buy your own suit or simply hire one for a short period of time. Hiring a suit is often cheaper than buying one outright, but then you don’t get to keep it forever. Here are the main benefits and differences of hiring a suit vs buying your own.

Buying one involves more cost upfront

Buying your own suit can be very expensive, and depending on what your budget is for the event, it might take you way over it. Many people simply don’t have the amount of money that is required to buy a complete suit. If you don’t have the money to lay out a lot of money and a huge cost upfront, it might be better to look into suit hire and see if you can find anything suitable.

You can keep a suit that you’ve bought

If you buy a suit, however, you can keep it to wear whenever you need it. You could even choose to sell it after the event if you like, or if you haven’t worn it for a couple of years, put it on eBay and see how much money you can get for it. People are always looking for second-hand suits in a bid to save money, so it’s definitely not very difficult to flog a good quality suit.

You can hire only the pieces you need

When you hire a suit, you don’t necessarily have to hire the full suit. You can hire only the pieces that you need, for example, if you have a shirt but you don’t have a jacket and a tie. Just be sure to check that the colours and styles all match, since you don’t want to end up with a mismatched outfit for a special occasion.

Hiring a suit can be cheaper, but you don’t get anything back

Paying to hire a suit might seem like the cheaper alternative, but you won’t be able to get anything back. When you buy one, at least you’re paying to keep the suit for yourself, whereas with suit hire, you only get to keep it for the days that you’ve decided to hire it.

You may have to pay for damage

In most cases, you have to pay for any damage or wear which might happen to the suit. This might make you feel like you have to be extra careful, and for some people, this can be an issue and cause them to feel like they can’t relax while at an event.

It’s clear to see that there are benefits to buying your own suit and advantages to hiring one instead. It’s important to think about what matters to you when making your decision on whether to buy or hire.