How to Buy Outfits that Make You Look Slimmer

It’s hard to lose weight and much easier to buy clothes that look slimming. If you are self-conscious about how wide you look in certain outfits, there are simple tricks that you can use to look slim. And no, it had nothing to do with Spanx or wearing corsets or any other type of physical constraining. There are certain qualities in some outfits that make you look slim without you actually getting slimmer. It’s like a trick of the light. Here are several suggestions for buying outfits that would make you look ten kilos lighter:

Go for Vertical Stripes

Horizontal stripes go right around your waistline making you look rounder. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, don’t. The directionality would take eyes away from any roundness you are worried about. Therefore, go online and buy striped silk shirts and trousers with vertical lining to add to your wardrobe. Tops with the vertical stripes are the best. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear striped tops and bottoms at the same time. It would ruin the effect.

Ditch the Shapeless Form


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Most plus-sized people tend to choose loose, shapeless clothing that hides the roundness and other features they wish to hide. In reality, shapeless outfits have exactly the wrong effect visually. When you wear those loose-fitting tops that just seem to flow around you, you just look rounder. There’s no slimming effect at all. What you should do is to pick an outfit that accentuates the thin parts of the body. The right fit matters for looking slender. Highlight the thin parts and use colour to hide the round areas. Now you would actually look slim.

Choose Black and Reds

Yes, some colours do hide the extra sizes. Black is a great colour for hiding roundness and looking slimmer than you actually are. Dark blacks, such as velvet blacks, are quite perfect at hiding the shape. Instead, all attention would be drawn to the stark colour that is black. Many fashionistas don’t know this but red also acts in the same way. However, you do have to choose the bright red shade, not lighter variations of red for the slenderising effect.


Wear Pencil Skirts

Want to go to an important meeting without feeling like a beach ball? Ditch the trousers and wear a pencil skirt matched with a top. Pencil skirts are shaped in a manner that highlights the hips but not the waist. So the shape looks great on all body types. In fact, it looks slenderizing on all body types as well. Choose pencil skirts in black to double the slimming effect.

Try on Long, Stretchy Trousers

Trousers highlight the legs. The right pair of stretchy trousers can make you seem taller. When you are taller, you won’t look as round or heavy. Therefore, pick out several trousers with plenty of stretch. Choose trousers in single shades, preferably neutral colours, without any patterns or prints to pull off this instantly slenderising look.

Also, pay attention to where your top meets the pants or the skirt. If it meets below your belly button, then the outfit will be quite slimming.  

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