Fashion Trends for Kids in 2017

In years gone by, children would wear what they were given but now times have changed. Children are more interested in what they wear and so, fashion is important to them. This can be a great opportunity to bond with your child and find out what they’re tastes are, here’s the top kids fashion trends for 2017 that you can share with your new shopping buddy!

Dressing like the Parents

One of the trends for this summer is for kids to dress just like their parents. This is great as many of the adults trends can now be found in kids sizes making it so much easier!

Girls Vivid Floral Prints

All women and girls love flowers and so, girls dresses with bright colourful flowers are all the rage. Materials tend to be light and airy and therefore perfect for summer days.

A style that is Urban and Unisex

Sometimes it is easier for parents to be able to create a casual look as opposed to spending ages trying to find an outfit. This is all about mixing and matching blouses or shirts while ensuring that they will keep the kids cool while they play.

The Street Look

For those kids who care about their fashion, layering clothing works well. They want loose jackets, high necked shirts and baseball caps worn backwards. Some accessories such as bracelets and chains can complete the look.

Different Types of Jackets

It may seem crazy to even think about a jacket in the summer but light denim jackets and tweed jackets are great for those days when the weather is slightly cooler.

It’s all About Prints

This involves prints of any style which includes large prints, small prints and even cartoon style print. Any print will be a big hit this summer. It’s also a great way for kids to express their interests.


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Nature is an Inspiration

The colours of nature are certainly inspiring kids fashion. These are the colours of the sea, trees and even mountains. Dressing them in these colours will certainly bring out their playful sides.

Cool Cotton

When the summer months arrive, woollen clothes and synthetics disappear. Linens and cottons are great for keeping kids cool and this is why organic cotton has become an ideal fashion item. It does cost more but they are perfect for the gentle skin of children.

Incorporating Wildlife

Children love animals and wildlife and so, they love clothing that takes inspiration from wildlife. Wildlife Motifs are perfect for kids who love to feel like they are in a fairy tale world.


Different Shapes

In the same way as adults, children’s clothes are going with a funky look. This means chinos are coming into fashion as well as jackets that are reversible. Girls shirts are being designed with oversized collars that look great with sunglasses and oversized accessories.  Jumpsuits are also a big hit and are ideal for those times when kids just want to play.

Additional feature of Garments

There is nothing cuter than seeing kids with additional features on their clothes. This could include patches or epaulets. Patches look great on plain shirts while cap sleeves and pull ties add a touch of uniqueness.

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