Hairstyles and glamour for the New Year

Christmas is almost over. It is time to gear up for the New Year. As we all know all too well from last year’s hangovers, the NYE parties are to die for. There is a huge amount of pressure on you to dress in a style that will set the standard for the year to come. This is the start of 2016 and it is essential that you dress to kill this year! Here are some epic hair, makeup and makeover tips for the party girl this New Year’s Eve. Follow the styles most suited for you and you are sure to be amazing.

Naturally beautiful

Having a round neckline on your dress instead of a plunging V is one way to put a twist on the party look. Make sure it is free of any trappings. Place emphasis on your natural hair texture, and then put on a lovely statement necklace to complete the look.

You can do this if you have naturally curly hair by using conditioner and moisturizing shampoo, both of which fight off unsightly frizz. Air-dry the hair instead of blowing it. Take segments of it that are an inch wide and wind them around a small round curling iron. Drape these strategically over your head. Make sure that while some look purposeful, others look natural. Prevent any chance of frizz with some serum.

Devilishly sexy

Try a loose, slightly mussed up French Twist with a strappy dress. Complete the outfit with some dangling earrings. This will give you are sexy, party-ready look that doesn’t even have to be perfect. This look just gets better when it looks rougher.

Do this by damping your hair with spray to add texture. When blow-drying your hair after, use your fingers instead of a brush for a rougher look. Use mousse to make your hair easier to style. Collect you hair at the back of your neck and twist it up, using pins to hold it in place at points.

Glamorous and modern

If you want a less complicated hairstyle for NYE, why not go for waves? Bouncy, voluminous and beautiful. If you have naturally wavy hair, blow dry the hair with a paddle brush. Before you are done, use a comb as well to iron out any knots. Your objective should be to get a relaxed, rippling head of hair.

Hairstyles, makeup and accessories are all fine and dandy, but the ultimate NYE look can only come from the perfect dress. Start looking now, or start making your own. Nothing says YOU more than your own creations! Stay beautiful.

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