Kids fashion tips for new moms

If you are a new mom you are probably just getting into the world of kids fashion. Kids fashion is a very lucrative industry with a lot of retain companies spending a lot of money on designing and creating clothes that kids love to wear. It has a good market because parents usually spend more on their children than they would on themselves. Young children also grow out of their clothes fast, which means that the duration for which kids can wear these clothes is also very minimal.


As a parent it can be very exciting to think of fun thins you can do with your kids outfits. Therefore, if you are a new mom trying to decide how to dress up your kids, here is a list of ideas that you can use.


Use a lot of colour

Kids love colour. This is the most salient feature of childrens clothing. You will be able to find a lot of colourful outfits for your kids in the relevant sections of your local mall. A lot of these clothes will have cartoon characters from your child’s favourite shows. Since kids love to wear clothes that carry pictures of their favourite characters this would be a great way to let them express their interests and their personalities through fashion.


Don’t go for brand names

Since your kids will be growing up really fast it would be a waste to pay the exorbitant prices of brand names because they will grow out of those clothes really fast. If you have friends who have kids that are a little older you can even get a few articles of hand me down clothes for your kids. Since kids grow really fast in their early years these clothes might not have been worn much and they will be in good condition as well. Once your kid has used these clothes you can even donate them or hand them down so someone else.


Keep it simple

The important thing about childrens fashion is that these clothes are deemed kid friendly. They are not provocative articles of clothing and they will also be relaxing and easy for kids to play around in. When you are dressing your child for play dates or kindergarten make sure that you dress them up in a way that will not hinder their play. A simple pair of shorts and a tee shirt would do. You can also get your kids a fashionable pair of sneakers that also allow them to run around.