Practical Tips for Buying Men’s Underwear

Guys use to have only a simple question when buying underwear: boxers or briefs? But these days undergarment options for men have dramatically increased. Underwear for men now come in various shapes, fabrics, designs, and sizes. Choosing the right type that fits your body perfectly would require more though that a simple question now. If you are a guy who wants comfortable underwear to have on all day, here is a list of useful tips:

Choose Briefs for Support and Fit

If you want excellent support throughout the day, then briefs are the way to go. You can wear briefs with work attire or casual clothing without having to worry about excess fabric, as with trunks. Briefs are great foe wearing during moderately strenuous sports activities, like golfing. Modern briefs made with natural fabrics like cotton are quite comfortable to wear all day. There’s also a version of briefs called low-rise briefs that you can wear without showing a “panty line” near your waist. Low-rise briefs also accentuate the package. Low-rise briefs are great with gym shorts.

Hide Bulges with High-Rise Briefs

High-rise briefs come up to your belly button. These provide a traditional fit, but also additionally acts to streamline the midriff area. You can effectively smoothen out bulging love handles with high-rise briefs.

Use Boxers to Prevent Chafing

If you want breathability and avoid painful chafing, then go with mens boxer shorts. These cover up your bottom up to the mid thigh and are great for strenuous workouts. If you engage in sports like running or jogging, then chafing could become a serious issue. These loose undergarments perfect for staying comfortable and also completely covering up your privates during activity. You can pair these with gym shorts or track pants. In winter, these breathable undergarments pair very well with coarse pants.

Use Trunks for Everything

Trunks are the everyday undergarment for most men. You can wear these with just about anything and for any occasion. Trunks are comfortable and provide adequate support. They are not uncomfortable enough to cause chafing. Plus they feel light without a heap of cloth under there.

Use Jockstraps for Complete Support

Are you having trouble securing your package well on the front? Then wear jockstraps, known for providing excellent full frontal support. Jockstraps are great for wearing in the summer and with heavy pants because the undergarment is known to be cooling. The fit will uplift your package, keeping it away from the thighs, so you can enjoy cooling dryness throughout the day. Jockstraps are secured with two leg bands, the “straps.” There’s enough room to insert a protection cup, particularly if you engage in impact sporting activities like martial arts. Jockstraps are highly recommended for men who engage in high intensity sports.

In case you are wondering if you should forgo all of the above and go commando, just don’t. Unless you are Orlando Bloom you might end up in a seriously embarrassing situation. Most modern underwear for males are superbly designed to break old stereotypes. If you have chafing, tightness, or other issues with underwear when your mom bought them for you, use the above tips to find the perfect fit now.

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