Shopping for popular suit styles?

A well fitted suit can really uplift the look of a man. It’s important to realise that not all men are built the same.

There are a wide variety of suits online in the market so it can get confusing for the first time buyer however worry not as this article talks about the popular suit styles and the occasions they would be perfect for.

It is important to understand that not all men have the same body shape and size. Purchasing suits for formal wear especially bridegrooms can be a tricky thing. However there are many retail stores which have specialised fitters who can help you with the perfect fit. It’s a good idea to check your measurements and go to the store with the updated ones to take into account any weight loss or gain. If available, try a few styles and select the one that fits you perfectly. For other guests in the party, the choices are much more flexible. They can go for blazers or any other styles.

Some of the popular suit styles are:


A Three piece suit is a must have in any man’s wardrobe. They are great for all year around and can be worn during winter as they have the layering option.

A Plaid Suit

A plaid suit might not be the first thing you reach for however if and when you decide to wear one, it brings a certain quirk into the wearer’s style and talks a lot about their personality. Woollen ones are perfect for winter whilst bright and bold prints are perfect for summer.

A Blue Suit

A blue suit in dark blue or navy can be that perfect sophisticated piece for year around wear. The suit’s jacket can also be worn separately with jeans for a semi-formal look.

A Double-Breasted Suit

This suit is the perfect choice for taller men as it highlights the width of the torso rather than your height. So it’ll make you look less lanky. Extremely popular during the 1980’s, the double breasted suit is now a firm stay in men’s attire.

A Casual Suit

Pairing a light sports jacket with chinos a great way to adapt a formal suit to a more casual setting. This is great for an informal look but without looking too shabby.

A Linen Suit

A linen suit is the perfect choice when the mercury drops. They are great for outdoor events during the summer. Pair them with a silk tie and colourful shirt for a great look.

A Pinstripe Suit

A pinstriped suit can be a bold choice compared to traditional suits in a solid colour. They however suit men who are broader as the pinstripes give the illusion of more length as opposed to width.

A Charcoal Suit

If you are after a dark coloured suit, opt for one in shades of charcoal as opposed to black. Whilst black is a great colour and can make the wearer look good, a black suit is usually reserved for funeral wear.  A charcoal suit is however a better option as it can be paired with various shirt and ties to create a new look every time.

A Grey Suit

A typical grey suit is must have for any man’s wardrobe. Light hues work well in summer whilst it’s best to go for darker shades during the winter months. A slim fitting grey suit with a pocket square and tie gives off an elegant appeal.