Tips for fashion bloggers

If you have a keen interest in fashion and if you posses any journalistic abilities you can try your hand at becoming a fashion blogger. This is a great way of being self employed and it gives you many outlets through which you can express yourself. The way you can get money from your blog is by building a strong subscriber base. In order to do this you must first chose a platform that you are comfortable in. Then you must create good content that people will want to follow. Once you have taken these steps you can monetize your blog and attract advertisements and other sponsorships. Many retail stores pay good money to have their clothes featured in prominent fashion blogs.

Using pictures

If you are really good at taking picture you should pick a platform like Instagram that allows you to share photographs that you have taken. You can then post colourful pictures of different outfits for people to see. You can wear these outfits yourself or you can ask your friends to try them on for you. The great thing about these types of pictures is that they feature normal people whom your audience will find relatable. You can encourage them to visit some of your favourite retain stores and get money for this type advertising.

Writing details

Fashion is not only about clothes. You can combine it with other avenues such as interior designing an cooking and create a lifestyle blog. You will have to be very descripting in your articles and also provide tips and gym fashion advice to your readers. You can simply follow your life in this type of blog as well. Write about things that you like to do on a normal basis that you think other people would find interesting. The point of the blog is to be relatable and to avoid the normal curated advertisements.

Following trends

You will have to have a keen eye on what kind of trends will become popular. This is easy to do if you follow what various celebrities are wearing. There are also certain types of clothes that will always be fashionable. For example, crop tops and jeans are two such articles of clothing. Once you have decided what clothes you think will become popular you can feature them on your blog. If you constantly pick the right trends you can become well known as a reliable source for upcoming fashion as well. This is how you can build your subscriber base with quality content.