Tips for Wrapping the Perfect Gift

Whenever a special occasion rolls around, it means there is gift shopping and gift wrapping involved. You may be sending out fifty presents on the company anniversary to your most loyal customers, or just wrapping up Christmas presents for the family. Either way, it can be a miserable mess trying to get it all perfect and tidy. This is where a few easy tips can come in handy. If you are looking for convenient ways to make sure you do a good job, read ahead for some suggestions.


Use the Right Packaging

Now, a common mistake people make is to use just any packaging or boxing that strikes their fancy. This is a major faux pas because you could easily even damage the contents. Some presents will simply not look right in unsuitable packaging. For example, if you are going to gift a bottle of wine, don’t just put a bow on it or wrap it in paper, no matter how nice the wrapping paper might be. Instead, use custom-made corrugated cardboard boxes for gifts like wine. Special occasions also call for special containers, like Christmas boxes or gift bags.


Tailor the wrapping to suit the audience. If you are giving gifts to children, the wrapping should not be plain or mature-looking. It should instead be colourful and fun. On the other hand, if you are sending a corporate gift to your top clients on Christmas, you should use elegant and fine wrapping paper. It certainly should not be whimsical. Being selective this way will ensure that the gift is well received.

The wrapping process, if you are doing it yourself, can be difficult, especially if your goal is to make it look neat and tidy. Of course, if you are not the best wrapper, you can get a little creative. For example, use cloth to wrap gifts instead of paper. You can use a square piece of cloth for a small box, tying opposite corners of the cloth over one another with secure knots for a unique but tidy look.

Personalize the Gift

You shouldn’t just leave it at that. Even if you are having the gift wrapped by a professional instead of on your own, you should not make the gift impersonal by having a stock message or card sent along with it. Even if you are sending out gifts to clients, you need to add a personal touch to show how much you care. A handwritten note directly addressing the recipient is the perfect way to do this.

When it comes to gifts for relatives and friends, you can add an even more personal touch by making the wrapping paper or even the gift yourself. Never let even a store-bought gift go without a card. It is that extra something that can show just how much thought and effort you put into getting the gift.

There might be an entire art of wrapping gifts. However, you don’t need to be a professional (or hire one) to make the gift giving process a total breeze and still be sentimental and meaningful. Keep these tips in mind for whenever you need to give presents, and you can be sure that your gifts are received well.