A Useful Guide to Buying Proper Fabrics for Your Bed

Despite there being an alarming number of insomniacs and late-night owls in our midst, there is also a part of the population that is on the opposite end of the spectrum. In fact, they love to sleep. So much so that waking up in the morning is the single worst thing that could happen to them. Did you know though that the quality of your bedding has a lot to do with the quality of sleep you are getting? In other words, the better it is, the better shut-eye you have. Problem is that not everyone is aware that selecting the right bedding requires a bit of work. And that there are many small details to consider.


From dust to dust mites, one might be allergic to more than a couple of things. Someone in your family could be suffering from allergies for instance. Which means that when it comes to bedding, you have to be especially careful and opt for the non-allergenic kind. Plenty of manufacturers have taken this into account and have released non-allergenic bedding for this very purpose. Why sail right past them when they are lying under your very nose? Ask and you shall receive comes to mind here.

Thread Count

It is fair to assume that more than a few of you would have come across this intriguing phrase, but what exactly does it mean? Well, just like its name implies, it refers to the number of threads that are included in every square inch of the bedding in question. Different types of bedding come with varying thread counts based on the quality they offer. To help you get an idea, 80 is often considered a low thread count, whilst 100 is somewhere in the middle, and 400 is sumptuous; this is generally found in Egyptian cotton bedding.

Match with Your Interiors

Though this one is not particularly related to comfort per se, it does offer you peace of mind. It is common knowledge that your bedroom must be a harmonious place. The décor and interior work needs to flow well. Hence, this means that your bedding should not only be comfortable, but also match with your interiors. Otherwise, consciously or not, the contrast can mess with your body’s natural rhythms particularly in your mind and hinder your sleep. Try to keep things as mellow as possible. Though you need not strictly go with light colours or anything, just make sure everything complements each other.

Choose Natural Fabrics

You’ll come across various types of bedding yes, but the two main categories are natural and synthetic. The latter is artificially made and cheaper, but not one of the best options out there. Though natural bedding is more expensive, it is worth the purchase in the long-run since this typically includes cotton. Cotton is absorbent and prevents any skin problems that can crop up, along with preventing any foreign bodies from setting up camp. Plus, not only is cotton good for the environment, it is also quite easy to clean.