We all live in a Winter Wonderland

More like a walk-in freezer. The temperatures in most parts of the world are now at an all-time low as winter hits its peak this Christmas season. All of us now have to make sacrifices in terms of our wardrobes, turning in those sexy, cute dresses and outfits for tedious wool, boots and parkas in an effort to stay warm.

Do you really have to sink to this though? Not really. Just because it is now winter doesn’t mean you have to turn your gorgeous styles into a bundle of winter clothing. The key to staying warm AND looking amazing is to get a little creative when picking your daily outfits. Even in Eskimo country, staying warm and looking good don’t have to be parallel lines that never meet.

Layers – like a cake

Mastering the art of layering your clothes could keep you toasty and sizzling hot at the same time. It is both practical as well as stylish. There is a good reason why it is all the rage this winter. For example, starting off with a turtleneck sweater, putting on another sweater, then a jacket and a coat could turn that parka into something for the history books. Another great way to stay warm is to wear a skirt or a dress over a pair of jeans for a punk look.

If it becomes sub-zero outside, there are clothes you simply can’t wear for fear of getting frostbite in weird places. This is when creativity is needed. You have to be able to put on layers that people won’t see! Think tights/stockings under jeans, or a body-fit sweater on top of a T-shirt with long sleeves.

Boots are the best

Boots are an essential when it comes to winter style. If you have a cute pair of over the knee boots, make sure you show the world what you can do with them. Try pairing them with a short dress or a skirt. For ankle boots, you can try jeans with cuffs or even a dress that extends below the knee. It gets a little harder with snowshoes though. This is where you will have to get creative on your own, take a look at your closet and invent a new style that is truly you.

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To be honest, the best winter styles can only come from yourself. The whole point of fashion in any season is to express individuality. With the right mindset and a good eye (or even some good advice *hint hint* you can become a winter fairy yourself.